The Itria Valley

Valle d’ Itria: In this land, all year round, you will have the opportunity to live authentic experiences in direct contact with nature, art, history, culture and traditional Apulian flavours.

You can lose yourself in the countryside, from the green of the centuries-old olive groves along the coast to the rows of vineyards and fruit trees in the valleys and hills.

Kilometres of dry-stone walls mark out a perfectly cultivated landscape, where vegetables, fruit, olives and grapes are grown throughout the year to produce excellent extra-virgin olive oil and renowned wines.

Do not miss the events and shows that take place throughout the year, allowing you to fully experience the culture and traditions of this land: from the evocative patron saint fiestas to the festivals of typical local products, from the living nativity scenes to the rites of Holy Week, from concerts to shows.

From here you can easily reach the most interesting places in the region, such as Lecce and the Salento, Brindisi, Bari, Taranto, Trani and Castel del Monte…